Please read our green credentials below and then contact us, to see how we can help your business reduce it's carbon footprint.


As a company we have decided to reduce our Carbon Foot Print.

In 2009 Huxbury Quinn joined the Australian, Queensland Government - ClimateSmart Business Cluster Program and our carbon neutralisation efforts were well under way.

With a bit of research we found the most effective approach begins with resource conservation: turning off the lights, reducing travel, printing on both sides of the page etc.

Our organisation:

  • Pays for 100% Green Energy
  • Uses Reflex 100% recycled paper
  • All printers are set to print double sided as default
  • All waste paper is collected for recycling
  • Air-conditioning is only turned on as required
  • Lights have been replaced with energy efficient bulbs
  • All computers and office equipment are turned off when not in use
  • Pays for the Carbon Offset Option available on all flights
  • All electronic eWaste is recycled - including batteries, printer cartridges, mobile phones and office computer equipment
  • Has in place a sustainable procurement policy

You can track our progress at

When it comes to production, Huxbury Quinn source and recommend the use of bio-degradable and sustainable manufactured products. We show loyalty to service providers who are active in reducing their carbon foot print or who are industry certified. This includes Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and The Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) accredited printers.

The next step is to use clean, renewable energy.

Well we don't have wind turbines or wave power generators in our offices.. however we do purchase 100% Green Power - Accredited Renewable Energy through our utilities provider ORIGIN.

What do we do about our Internet hosting?

Well, to make our website GREEN, Huxbury Quinn have partnered with a hosting provider with green servers and green values. In fact our hosting provider is Carbon Neutral.

Very few people realize the true impact the web hosting industry has on the environment, the average server produces the same emissions as a small 4wd let alone the data centre where the server is located, which consumes on average as much electricity as 545 households.

Let's put it another way... the average website is hosted on a server which on average produces around 12 Tonnes of CO2 each year, that is a huge amount of CO2!

Each year your PC produces half a tonne, your car produces 5 TONNES, AND your home produces 6 TONNES - THIS MEANS on average EACH PERSON IS responsible for 12 tonnes of the CO2 that is produced each year! THAT is a huge amount of CO2 AND SHOWS WHY we are so insistent in our beliefs IN GREEN HOSTING.

In Our Own Backyard

We're also active in the community promoting sustainable business through the development of a Business Eco Forum, which was started in Janauary 2009. This has grown to be a great networking opportunity to meet like minded people and businesses.

Huxbury Quinn supported GreenFest in 2008, 2009

Instead of print and distributing Christmas cards for 2009, Huxbury Quinn elected to make an environmental impact by donating $500 to Landcare Australia. The donation assisted the landcare community to purchase 500 grams of seed, which can grow up to 100,000 gum trees.

We like to work with clients that embrace the three pillars of sustainability - environmental, social and economic.

Clients in our green portfolio include: